Sociology Scholarship & Awards – 2015

Today, we hosted a luncheon to celebrate the Sociology Program’s Scholarship and Award Winners for 2015 in the Kaibab Room at the University Union.  After everyone found the room (it’s up and over and around and then down on the other side . . . . ), we had a short award ceremony.  The chair of the department, Kathleen J. Ferraro, announced all of the winners and gave a brief introduction of each student.

This is such a busy time of year, we’re glad that we were able to make the time to hold this event.  It’s important to recognize our best students.  Thank you to everyone for coming and congratulations to the winners!  Here’s a list of the students we honored today:

The Vicki K. Brown-Carpenter Memorial Scholarship: Nancy Ramos
The Sociology Department Scholarship: Ashley Kessler
The Kanan Family Endowment Scholarship: Jake Smith
The Edward E Walker Sociology Scholarship: Katherine George
The Stepping Stone Scholarship: Nicole Hill
Outstanding Sociology Seniors: Demi Greco, Shelby Coopwood and Sinead McSweeney
Outstanding Sociology Students: Desiree Hopkins, Selena Quiroz
Outstanding 1st Year Graduate Students: Teri Jo Kesti, Erin Whitesitt
Outstanding 2nd Year Graduate Students: Amanda Brand, James Kirkham

Here are some pictures from the luncheon.


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