What do Sociologists do for fun?

Here’s one thing we do:

On a weekend at the beginning of April, eleven folks from the Department of Sociology and Social Work traveled to Long Beach, California to attend the Pacific Sociological Association’s 86th annual meeting, entitled “People, Place, and Power.” Not only did we make the trek to present our own research, but also to learn about the research of colleagues in the discipline.

While in Long Beach, we were lucky enough to run into some alumni from our department, such as Susan Bell Murray, a graduate from our B.S. program in Sociology in 1988 and currently an Associate Professor of Sociology at San Jose State University, and Stephanie Williams, a graduate from our B.S. program in Sociology and currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice here at NAU.

For your enjoyment, here are some photographs of our departmental members being scholarly (and celebrating and well, even resting).

Please find below a list of all the formal research presentations made by members of our department, both graduate students and faculty.

Lou Baker, “Transgender outside the city: Transmasculine identity and the non-metropolitan gender experience.”

Amanda Brand, “From Locked Doors to Locked Screens: Sexting as a GenderedPerformance of Sexuality and Privacy.”

Sean Boylan, “The Drug War, Social Movements and the Repeal of Cannabis Prohibition: Changing Public Opinion.”

Katherine Everhart, “Everything but the Funnel Cake: Cultural Expressions and the University of Puerto Rico Student Occupation.”

James Kirkham, “How Much Can We Take: Craft breweries explosion and the power of local markets.”

Yvonna M. Luna and Anne M. Medill, “Faculty-led study abroad: Reflections on students’ cross-cultural engagement.”

Kooros Mahmoudi, “How to Choose, Navigate, and Align your Graduate Program with your Career Objectives.”

Joe Martin, “The Cost of Freedom: Homelessness as a Nomadic Lifestyle.”

Dick Skeen, “Sexuality: Meaning Webs and Their Evolution.”


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