A New Semester!

A belated welcome back to everyone!

Are you wondering what to do with yourself now that spring semester is here?  The Sociology & Social Work Department has a few ideas on what might be interesting, thought provoking, and fun between now and May 7.

Important Dates and Events

January 31 – Last day to apply for departmental and NAU Foundation Scholarships!  Are you a sophomore or junior Sociology or Social Work major or minor?  If you are, check out all the scholarships we have available: http://nau.edu/SBS/Student-Resources/Financing/, including the brand new Stepping Stone Scholarship that is for Sociology Majors who are also single parents.

Don’t forget to also look at the list of scholarships available through the NAU Foundation.  You can find those here: https://nazufoundation.com/default.aspx.  The spreadsheet is available at the bottom of the page, and you’ll need to create a login to apply.

February 9 – Do you want to take a class this summer?  Enrollment for summer begins.

March 6 – the first annual Social Science Social Change Conference will take place on Friday, March 6 from 9 – 4.  Come see presentations made by faculty and students!  We’re also hosting a lunch with a talk by Dr. Javier Trevino, one of our very own alumni, and a documentary short by Michelle Tellez, one of our full time faculty members.  Details will be posted as they become available!

March is also Social Work month!  The Social Work Program will have events throughout the month.

April 1 – 17 – Fall 2015 Early Enrollment.  Do you know what classes you want to take in the Fall?  Do you need to meet with an advisor?  Get ready to sign up!

April 24The 8th Annual Undergraduate Student Symposium at the SkyDome and DuBois Center.  Sign up to present, or go to the event to see what your fellow students are working on and support your friends!

May 1 – Last day to apply for Fall 2015 (December) Graduation!

May 1 – Also, last day of classes!

May 4 – 7 – Finals Week

May 8 & 9 – Commencement!


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