SSW on an International Stage

One of our newest faculty members, Dr. Mohamed, spent part of his winter break in Prague, Czech Republic.  Here’s his Note from Prague:

“The event was a “Public Debate” that was organized by the European House in Prague, Czech Republic. The topic was “Islamophobia in Czech Republic.” It was held on January 8, 2015 from 3:00 to 5:30 PM, but was extended to 6:00 PM. The booked hall was full and more chairs were brought to accommodate the audience. Several Islamophobes attended the debate, including the author of Islamic Expansion and a moderator of a list that calls to kick Muslims out of Czech Republic. That list got 90,000 signatures over FaceBook. It is worthy to mention that the Muslim community in Czech Republic is a little over 3000. The meeting took place one day after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris, so the environment was already inflamed. Czech Islamophobes make provocative statements, such as “every Muslim is a terrorist and every terrorist is a Muslim,” “Muslims must be sent to gas chambers,” and “there is no place for Muslims in Europe.” By all means the event turned out to be successful. It was the first event that addresses Islamophobia in Czech Republic, and my contribution was covered by several Czech newspapers. The discussion was deep, engaging and fruitful, and I was thanked by the author who is a leading figure among Czech Islamophobes.”


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