Introducing: Jamie Clem!

The next faculty member we are pleased to introduce is Jamie Clem!  She joined our Social Work faculty.  Here are her answers to our brief questionnaire:

Jamie Clem

Q: Where did you study? 
A: I’m currently in the process of finishing my dissertation from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL

Q: Why did you choose Social Work?
I originally went into social work as a way to work with clients in a helping capacity. I’ve always been interested in service, and social work afforded the opportunity to work with vulnerable populations in a way that truly spoke to me. 

Q: What are your main areas of research/interest?
My primary area of research is in substance abuse. I’m interested in exploring experiential and expressive interventions for individuals seeking treatment. I’m particularly drawn to the therapeutic use of the outdoors. I believe nature has may inherent healing qualities and can be a source of empowerment, particularly for oppressed individuals.

Q: What classes are you teaching?  What classes would you like to teach in the future?
This semester I’m teaching two sections of Crisis Intervention and two sections of Practice 2. While I enjoy teaching across the curriculum, I’m really looking forward to Crisis again next semester.  

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Flagstaff and/or NAU so far?
The community at NAU and in Flagstaff as a whole is unlike anything I’ve experienced. The people I’m surrounded by are extraordinarily thoughtful and sincerely care about what they do. Their commitment to students is nothing short of inspiring. I feel lucky to be a part of an institution that values student-centered education so highly.


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