Introducing: Dr. Michelle Tellez!

We have four new full-time faculty members this fall, and thought you might like to find out more about them!  We did a short email interview with each of them.  Today, we’re introducing you to Dr. Michelle Tellez, who we are sharing with Ethnic Studies.


Q: Where did you study?
A: I received my B.A. in Sociology with an emphasis in Chicana/o Studies from UCLA, my M.A. in Sociology and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and my Ph.D. in Educational Studies with an emphasis on Community Studies at Claremont Graduate University.

Q: Why did you choose Sociology?
A: Interestingly when I started my schooling I was a psychology major, after working hard to actually get into the major at UCLA I realized that I was more interested in the study of society rather than in the study of the individual.  There are so many opportunities in this field to explore the structures of our society but, more importantly, it allows us to reimagine new social formations.

Q: What are your main areas of research/interest?
A: I examine the ways in which gender intersects with social movements, migration, and the U.S./Mexico Border; my work also contributes to the field of Chicana Studies in the study of identity, intersectionality and motherhood.

Q: What classes are you teaching?  What classes would you like to teach in the future?
A: For Sociology I teach Soc 215: Race and Ethnic Relations, I also teach for the Ethnic Studies program and there I teach Chican@/Latin@ film and Gender and the Borderlands. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Flagstaff and/or NAU so far?
A: I have spent much of my academic career both as a student and faculty member at large universities; while NAU is certainly large, there is still a feeling of community here that I deeply appreciate.  Walking around campus and looking up to see the beautiful San Francisco peaks, mountains that are sacred to so many native people in our area, brings me much joy.


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