Sex Sells, Right?

The BBC’s Global News Podcast did a segment today on whether or not music videos have become too sexually explicit.  They cited Nicki Minaj’s video for Anaconda and J. Lo’s upcoming single, Booty, as examples of female musicians using their own (and others’) bodies in a sexually explicit way in their music videos.

Do the choices of these singers affect anything beyond their own music videos?  Is this simply art/entertainment?  Is this empowering or exploitative – or both?  Is this just a case of an older generation not understanding a new generation’s taste?

What do you think?

The segment begins at 20:20 in the 12 Sep 14 AM podcast.

Also, does it matter at all that both the host of this segment and the person interviewed are male?

Did even we use “sex” to sell this post?  Would you have clicked on it if we had titled it something like – Have Music Videos Become Too Explicit?


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