The NAU sociology department is in the process of reinstating a chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) the International Sociology Honor Society.

AKD established as a chapter at Northern Arizona University in 1981 and was active until 2000.

During these years, the Northern Arizona University Gamma Chapter of AKD held student paper presentations, charity events, holiday parties, offered funding for student travel and had many other gatherings that brought together and strengthened the Sociology undergraduates, graduates and faculty community at NAU.

It is time to bring AKD back to Northern Arizona University.

AKD is a non-secret democratic organization founded in 1920 by Sociologist Dr. Emory S. Bogardus. During the last 90 years, AKD has established over 645 chapters at Colleges and Universities all over the United States and the world.

AKD Purpose:
Alpha Kappa Delta seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition.

Membership Criteria:
Based on the Alpha Kappa Delta Constitution (article III section 3) to be eligible for membership you must meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Must be an officially declared sociology major or demonstrate a serious interest in sociology within an official program of the host institution
    • Sociology minors are eligible
  • Must be at least a junior (third year) by standards of the host institution
  • Shall rank in the top 35% of their graduating class in general scholarship.
    • If class rank is not readily available to a chapter representative, in lieu of class rank, students shall have accumulated the equivalent of an overall grade point average of at least 3.3 by a four point scale where: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0
  • Must have maintained the equivalent of a 3.0 GPA in sociology courses taken at the host institution prior to initiation
  • Must have completed at least four regular courses in sociology at the host institution prior to initiation (exclusive of extension or courses graded pass/fail)


Graduate students must meet the following minimum criteria (chapters may increase these standards):

  • Must be officially admitted to graduate study in sociology at the host institution
  • Completion of one half year of graduate study in sociology (i.e., one semester or two quarters or the equivalent academic unit)
  • Graduate GPA of a B or better
  • Continued matriculation in a program of study leading toward a graduate degree in sociology at the host institution

There are many benefits of membership both on an individual and a chapter level.

As an individual:
·      A subscription to Sociological Inquiry the official AKD journal.
·      Lifetime membership
·      Funding opportunities for student travel
·      Student paper competitions that include cash prizes and/or travel funding

As a Chapter:
·      Speaker initiation grants to help bring speakers to the NAU campus
·      Funding for research symposiums or workshops
·      Funding opportunities for student travel

There will be two opportunities to learn more about Alpha Kappa Delta on NAU’s campus. The dates are:

Monday October 7th in Social and Behavioral Sciences West room 109 at 6:30 pm.
Tuesday October 8th at the Starbucks coffee shop on South Campus at 1:30 pm.

*If you are a student and are planning on presenting at a regional sociology conference this fall semester, please review this link and contact me immediately if you are interested in applying for travel funding. The Application Deadline is October 10, 2013.  More details on this and other funding opportunities may be found here:

Please feel free to direct any questions to Risa Garelick:

Please visit the AKD website for additional information:


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