Limited Time Exhibit at NAU

Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Będzin Ghetto

A new exhibit curated by Northern Arizona University undergraduates that tells the story of young people in Będzin before, during and after the Holocaust. An opening reception for the public is scheduled for 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 30, on the third floor of Riles, building 15. The exhibit will be open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and will be on display through Nov. 14.

Details on Exhibit.

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Fun! Adventure! Free Prize!

NAU’s LGBTQ’s Resource Center is hosting a Family Welcome Party tonight (Friday) at the University Union LEADS Center!

For more information check out their FB Page.

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Gender Bias in Movies – New Report just released a new study on Gender Bias in Movies.  Turns out, the underrepresentation of women in movies is an international phenomenon.  One ray of hope for the future the study found is that when women are writers, directors and/or producers, the number of female characters in a given film increases.

The full executive summary can be found here.

Do you think having female characters in movies matters?  Does it have an effect on society at large?  Or, is it something that doesn’t make much difference – it’s just entertainment, after all?

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Pizza Party!

Come check out the Sociology Club, we’ll provide the Pizza!

Wednesday, Sept 17, 2014 at 4PM in SBS Castro, Room 337.

Microsoft Word - Soc Club 2014 Party.docx

See you there!

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Sex Sells, Right?

The BBC’s Global News Podcast did a segment today on whether or not music videos have become too sexually explicit.  They cited Nicki Minaj’s video for Anaconda and J. Lo’s upcoming single, Booty, as examples of female musicians using their own (and others’) bodies in a sexually explicit way in their music videos.

Do the choices of these singers affect anything beyond their own music videos?  Is this simply art/entertainment?  Is this empowering or exploitative – or both?  Is this just a case of an older generation not understanding a new generation’s taste?

What do you think?

The segment begins at 20:20 in the 12 Sep 14 AM podcast.

Also, does it matter at all that both the host of this segment and the person interviewed are male?

Did even we use “sex” to sell this post?  Would you have clicked on it if we had titled it something like – Have Music Videos Become Too Explicit?

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Welcome and Welcome Back!

Welcome to all our new students and welcome back to those returning!

We hope you had busy, fulfilling summers and are here refreshed and renewed, ready to enjoy a new year at NAU.  The Sociology & Social Work Department is welcoming several new faces to our faculty – Jamie Clem (Social Work), Katherine Everhart (Sociology), Mohamed Mohamed (Sociology), and Michelle Tellez (Sociology/Ethnic Studies).  We’re also happy to announce that the Child Welfare Project is now almost completely staffed, headed up by Julie Fritzler and Tiffany Ryan, both of whom will also be teaching for Social Work.  We also have two new students workers – Rebecca Goldader and Chitundu Simpanya – who are joining Lauren Valenzuela in helping to keep our department office running smoothly.  They’ll also be the faces you see in the department window, answering questions and helping students get to classes.

We’ll leave you with some food for thought – over the summer Lee & Low Books did a study of the 100 highest grossing Sci-Fi and Fantasy films and discovered that those films lack diversity.  Here is their blog post from this summer:

Where’s the Diversity, Hollywood?

What do you think?

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“Social Work Gives Back” Day

Social Work students, faculty, advisory board, and friends kicked off Social Work Month on Saturday, March 1st, with a “Social Work Gives Back” Service Day.  Social Work students were joined by the NAU Kappa Alpha Fraternity and Chi Omega Sorority to paint three classrooms at Summit High School, FUSD’s alternative 9-12 program.  With 49 volunteers, the work was accomplished quickly and was a lot fun!  Thanks to everyone who was able to participate!






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